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Metrosonic Recording Studio NYC

Metrosonic Recording Studio, New York City’s finest recording facility located in Brooklyn offering digital/analog formats and music production services

Welcome to Metrosonic Recording Studio – Brooklyn, New York

We began conducting our first sessions over 20 years ago and since then, Metrosonic Recording Studio NYC has continued to be regarded among the preeminent Brooklyn Recording Studios. Along with being a great place to create and record music, Metrosonic is now home to the Metrosonic music blog, and soon, the Metrosonic music player application, along with the expanding list of services we provide including video production. What sets Metrosonic apart in the highly competitive music and recording business in New York City? We believe it’s a creative, comfortable space, classic analog gear, and experienced engineers.

Peter began the studio in 1991 in a loft space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Back then, Williamsburg was hardly the bustling arts and music community that it is today. Metrosonic was among the first settlers into the neighborhood that now attracts artists and musicians worldwide. And along with the community around which has evolved and grown, Metrosonic has evolved and built from it’s solid track record of success, the reputation as a reliable, go-to Recording Studio in NYC.

Rare Analog Recording Studio Gear

Among the benefits of working in an Analog Recording Studio is the gear. At the helm of Metrosonic is a vintage Neve 5315 Recording Console. The Metrosonic mic closet is equally well equipped with a matched pair of the very rare RCA 44 ribbon microphones as well as Neumann UM57 , SM2 and Sony c37 tube mics. Metrosonic remains one of the few studios left in New York City still offering an all discreet audio electronics signal chain from the mic to the speakers, and an all analog recording experience by tracking to the Ampex MM1200 2″ tape machine and mixing to our Ampex 102. Not one to be left behind, Metrosonic also features 32 channels of 24bit 196k Pro Tools on Mac OSX.

Experienced Professional Staff

Gear is important, but it’s the people here who make Metrosonic what it is. Peter Mignola has over 25 years experience as an engineer and a stellar reputation to boot. More than an expert technician, Pete is a talented composer and musician. He has the experience and skills to help artists with arrangements and production elements; knowing what it takes to inspire a great performance. Filling the role as Metrosonic’s assistant engineer is the very talented Teruhisa Uchiyama. “Teru,” as he’s known in the studio, is originally from Japan and joined the Metrosonic team in 2008. Since then, he has fine tuned his skills working alongside Pete in the control room.

Great Location in New York City

Amazing views of the Manhattan skyline along with a convenient location, great gear, experienced staff, and a 900 sq. ft live room; it’s clear why artists from The Black Lips to Moby, and Andrew Bird to The Damned Things and more have made Metrosonic Recording Studio NYC their choice.

Metrosonic Recording Studio - New York City


143 Roebling Street, 3rd Floor • Brooklyn, New York 11211 • (718) 782-1872