Manuel Valera and Engineer Joe Barbaria

“Cuban pianist, bandleader, composer and arranger, Manuel Valera is in the forefront of contemporary modern jazz. He represents the next generation of great performers and composers. His sound is fresh, inviting and evocative, and his goal is to forge innovative sounds that bring a vitality and newness to the idioms of jazz and Latin jazz. […]

Danielle Lewis Band

“Singing since the age of four, Danielle has graced pulpits and stages across the tri-state area, Maryland, Florida, Detroit, New Jersey and Germany…she decided to pursue music as a career and attended Five Towns College. Music is her passion, writing is her love, singing is her heart and ministry is her life. Her utmost desire […]

Irv Irving with Jay Foote

“New York City based writer and singer Irv Irving has just completed his debut full-length recording entitled “Infamous”. The record includes appearances from Mr. Irving’s many friends such as Reid Burgess (King Wilkie), Samantha Parton (The Be Good Tanyas), Arthur Kremer (Stellastarr), and many more. The album will be released on a label to be […]

Hartley C. White with Larry Mcdonald

“Hartley was born in Kingston, Jamaica and currently resides in Queens, New York. Hartley sings, writes and plays various instruments including guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, harmonica, and recorder.” Larry Mcdonald is regarded by many as the premier percussionist in world reggae music. credits that include such beloved artists as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Toots & […]

Moby with Robby and Pete

Tracking and mixing with Moby was an incredible experience. This was an experiment of sorts for Moby and a departure from his past works. His goal for this session was to record everything on the 1st or 2nd take. He wanted capture the raw spontaneity of the performance and not let the recording process get […]


“…She don’t come cheap… hairspray and glitz, Splenda sweet beats and sweaty slow jams…your heart-shaped jacuzzi or hers?…a rainbow-brain naughty nerd, a one-girl girl group, soul-scream machine from straight up outer space! Join Chevonne as she speed-dials the forces of mascara and nylon, challenging the powers of boring stuff in a battle to keep our […]

Pete and Peter Gordan

“Mr. Gordon’s music has been categorized both by its peripatetic, eclectic curiosity and by its rootedness in European compositional tradition. Since he is a polymath and not a one-note artist, it is difficult to summarize his work and any short account must leave out much.”

Peter Rowan

“A Grammy-award winning musician, Peter Rowan’s career has spanned from Sea Train to Old & In the Way to numerous solo and ensemble projects with Don Edwards, David Grisman, Richard Greene and others. He is a soulful singer and a poignant songwriter. He began his professional career playing guitar, singing lead vocals and co-writing as […]

Care Bears On Fire

“Sophie (lead vocals, guitarist, 13 years old), Izzy (drummer, 13 years old) and Jena (Bass, 15 years old) are Care Bears On Fire. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the young band have become favorites on the New York City club scene, winning over jaded hipsters of all ages…” It was great to have Steve Lironi at […]


“With the combination of their cynical irony …and the hard seriousness that are the fundaments of every song, Deathstars walk the fine line of sophisticated darkness with the always clear and present vibe of sex, guts and horrorish vogue. It is hellish hot stuff, but also entertaining, and somewhat frightening.”

Flight of The Conchords, Bret McKinsey

“…in New Zealand in the late 90’s. Bret and Jemaine were flatmates…Bret “dribbled on for ages” studying English and music at Victoria University while Jemaine attempted to study film and theatre but eventually gave that up…McKenzie was a keyboard player, but both flatmates decided they wanted to learn the guitar also, and started writing songs.”

Richard Fearless

“He is (a)…founding member of the very excellent Death in Vegas, DJ/producer and now founding member of new band Black Acid, which came into being earlier this year. Self described as, “A punch in the face with a velvet glove. Repetitious psyche rock.”

Jon, Arun Ramamurthy, and Pete/ Thiruaarur Bakthavathsalam

We at Metrosonic, had a blast working with Arun from start to finish. His project presented some strong challanges to overcome. We were more than set to approach the challenges of South Indian classical music. We made sure that his project kept the realism of a live performance. He started his project in house, with […]