Making music is a lot of work. You work your butt off writing, rehearsing, performing, recording, mixing and mastering and you’re still not done! In the music business, there’s the music and then there’s the business. That’s where we come in.

Here's some of our handiwork

We go the distance for our clients. If you need a video shoot, record release party, you name it - We've got you covered!

Promotion & Video Production packages start as low as $100 and here’s what you can expect

Photo/Video Production
The all-important music video. It might be even more important than the actual music! From concept to execution, we can help you create your best video. Whether you shoot in our studio or in picturesque New York City, you’ll have access to world class equipment with a world class back drop.

Metrosonic video production services

Radio Distribution
We use the same radio distribution company as the major labels. Your record or single will be sent to thousands of stations (in your format) across the country and internationally. There’s no better way to get instant exposure on a massive scale!
Social Media
This is the perfect option for people who either can’t spend the time making the most of their social media profiles or can’t stomach the idea of self-promotion. We’ll do the leg work in getting your social media in front of as many people as possible. You tell us what account you want help with (Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube etc.) and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Blog and Online Media Outlet
Blogs are a great way to get good, in-depth coverage of you and your music. They are a major portal for music discovery online and we want them to be discovering you! We’ll create surgically targeted email blasts to the top music blogs (in your format) in the world including many of the blogs that feed into Hype Machine. When you’ve been in the business as long as Metrosonic has, you develop some great contacts in online media and we’ll use those connections to jump start your online promotion campaign.
Contract Services
Planning a recording session with a writing partner? Producing beats for a hip-hop artist? You NEED a contract! When you get in the studio you want it to be a relaxed environment so everyone can just let the creativity flow. Nothing kills creativity faster than being stressed out about the business. We’ll talk to you about your project and help you draw out a contract that says exactly what you want it to. We always recommend seeing a lawyer before signing anything, but we want you to have the peace of mind knowing that at least you have something in writing before you hit record.
Consulting Services
Already recorded, mixed and mastered - but now what? This is the single biggest problem that independent artists face. Let Metrosonic help you navigate your music career. It’s a crowded market out there but this isn’t our first rodeo. We can help you determine where to direct your energy to give your music the shot it deserves.
Music Licensing
We can put your music in front of music supervisors and other industry insiders responsible for picking songs for television and movies. We've had music licensed and arranged for a guest appearance on national broadcast television!
Live event production
Need help with your record release party or other live event? We can help you there too! We've hosted many events in our showroom and even produced our very own live streaming concert series "Live @ Metrosonic."

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