Pultec HLF-3C freq sweep

  Here is a vid from the tech bench at Metrosonic. Our Tektronics scope shows the of the results of a frequency sweep through our Pultec HLF-3C, rolling off below 750hz & above 1.5khz.


Clock Around The Rock! Amazing New Technology…..Rlocks!

Tired of the current crop of uninspiring time pieces?  Well, get ready for the next great advancement in science & technology.  Here’s the first clock that tells you when it is time to rock! Really awesome customized Rock-Clocks or Rlocks for short! You try NOT being inspired by this Rlock at your next session here. […]

Our custom 5 way Quad amped Speakers

Our five way quad amped speakers are powered with McIntosh and Bryston amplification and Bryston crossovers, and include the highest quality Scan-Speak, Vifa and Eaton components.  These mastering quality monitors are custom designed and built by Pete, featuring physical phase alignment and a flat frequency response from 20hz to 20khz.

Prototype RCA 44BX Ribbon Microphone, matched pair

MetroSonic’s RCA 44-BX “Prototypes”

Only at MetroSonic Recording Studios NYC… You’ll never see another pair of mics like this. These are a matched pair that were hand-built in the RCA Camden, NJ plant in the mid-1960s. They were experimental laboratory mics built for the purpose of improving the 44BX design with higher output and improved response. Output sensitivity is […]