Jim Breuer

It is no secret that Jim Breuer is a lover of all things Metal, from his impersonations of Rock legends AC/DC and James Hetfield, to literally the most intense Metal rendition of the holiday classic “Santa Clause is Coming To Town” entitled “Santa Clause AIN’T Coming To Town”, Jim was bound to make his own full length Metal album.




Since their founding in 2001, Danish heavy metal band Volbeat has been dazzling audiences worldwide with their unique brand of rock and roll. Over the course of their career, Volbeat has strived to defy the clichés of metal by incorporating elements of punk, pop, country, and beyond. For their sixth studio album, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie, Volbeat has triumphed once again in showing off their versatility and eclecticism with a brand new collection of melodic, soulful tunes that still maintain their distinctive Danish-Metal edge. On the album listeners can experience Danzig-esque vocal melodies on tracks like Seal the Deal, thrashing metal crowd pleasers like Slaytan, and even a soulful and introspective collaboration with the Harlem Gospel Choir on Goodbye Forever.


The Coffin Daggers

Hailing straight out of New York, The Coffin Daggers are Viktor Venom – guitar; Rob Morrison – keyboards & guitar, Peter Klarnet – Bass, and Pete Martinez -Drums, who all aim to rejuvenate the iconic Surf Punk genre with a psychedelic twist

The Tunes:
- Aggravatin' Rhythm
The Coffin Daggers - Aggravatin' Rhythm

Coffin Daggers / Aggravatin' Rythms

Michael Stosic

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Singer-Songwriter Michael Stosic is on the verge of another musical breakthrough with his upcoming album! The album, Welcome Home, will be comprised of some of his most emotionally charged lyrics and has a release date of early 2016.

The Tunes:
- Welcome Home
Michael Stosic- Welcome Home



"It's got a house influence a little bit, and there's a bit of an indie sensibiity in the vocals," Macklovitch tells Billboard... "Right now in EDM, there’s a bit of a gold rush: people trying to make these vocal pop songs who aren’t from the world of songwriting, so they're trying to crack the code of how to make more traditional kinds of songs," says Macklovitch, who made it a priority to record "Push" with Wyatt in person at Brooklyn's MetroSonic Studios. "There’s a lot of songs that are done by distance, with middlemen and managers and A&R. It’s cool, it’s modern, it's technology, and all this stuff is interesting -- but at the end of the day, for the feeling of music, you can’t replace linking up with someone."

- A-Trak/Alain Macklovitch Billboard.com

The Tunes:
- Push (Ft. Andrew Wyatt)
A-Trak Feat. Andrew Wyatt - Push

Atrak push

Gorilla Chief

Brooklyn, New York’s Gorilla Chief is a three-piece rock band drawing influences from 1960's garage and psychedelia to outlaw country and the sounds of Sun Records.

The band - Charlie Duerr, Tim Gray, and Ryan Miller - just finished recording three all-analog tracks at MetroSonic Recording Studio and plan to release their first vinyl single in 2015.

The Tunes:
- Theme for Gorilla Chief
Gorilla Chief - Theme For Gorilla Chief

Gorilla Chief

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Originally from Chicago, IL, the group relocated to New York a few years ago. Since forming in 1999, HBE has released 5 original LP’s, toured worldwide and just recently had their song “War” chosen for the score of the 2012 Lionsgate movie “The Hunger Games“, not to mention they’ve performed live onstage with De La Soul, Tony Allen, and the artist formerly known as Prince.

The Tunes:
- City Living
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - City Living


Matte Black

This three-piece band from Brooklyn, New York is paving their way with utilizing multiple genres of Rock to create an truly original dark and gritty sound.

The Tunes:
- Pressure
Matte Black - Pressure

matte black


With a compilation of songs that he has worked on for the past 3 years, Fireberg brings “Aphonic” EP to light. The “Aphonic” EP is truly one of the most original albums worked on here at MetroSonic. With its base genre being Electronic music, Fireberg blends and transcends multiple levels of Jazz samples into the essential sounds of todays Hip-Hop.

The Tunes:
- Wangsta Dirt
Fireberg - Wangsta Dirt


Black Lips

Arabia Mountain, the sixth studio album and fourth Vice Records release by the Black Lips, finds the hell-raising Atlanta quartet digging deep into the roots of their exposed-nerve sound and simultaneously exploring surprising new possibilities in their music – or as one of their new songs puts it, "lookin' in a new direction." Singer-guitarist Cole Alexander explains, "We tried to do what we do best, and keep it raw, but we also opened up to working with a producer and experimenting with new sounds. We tried to keep doing what we're doing, while expanding and growing at the same time."

-Black Lips

The Tunes:
black Lips (mp3)

Black Lips

The Damned Things

On paper, the Damned Things seem like an odd supergroup. Featuring Anthrax guitarists Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano, Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, and Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley, it's hard to imagine what a band whose membership's music encompasses thrash, metalcore, and pop-punk might sound like. Surprisingly, the reality of the Damned Things is a lot less of a chin scratcher than you'd think. On Ironiclast, the band takes the best bits from each of their bands to create an interesting hybrid. Combining Ian and Caggiano's seasoned riff mastery with Trohman and Hurley's driving pop sensibilities, the album tempers the raw power of hard rock and thrash with infectious hooks, which are anchored by Buckley's vocals, who has abandoned his usual style for a cleaner, more soaring vocal attack. The final product is a sound that is able to be uncomplicated without being dumb, and fun without feeling ironic. The record genuinely sounds like a bunch of friends just getting together to have a good time and make some music without worrying about what people might think about it, which is pretty much the point of rock music. It's this quality that makes the Damned Things an endearing band. This music isn't worried about current market trends or how high up the charts it can climb; Ironiclast is just the sound of a bunch of dudes making rock for rock's sake. While this might not necessarily appeal to fans of these guys' day jobs, it definitely makes it a good album for those who prefer their music to be light on self-consciousness and heavy on good times.

-Gregory Heaney for AllMusic.com

The Tunes:
- Bad Blood(mp3)
02 Bad Blood_02

- We've got a situation here(mp3)
04 We've Got A Situation Here_02

- Ironiclast(mp3)
08 Ironiclast_01

Flight of the Conchords


If it didn't capture the fun of '80s pop, it just wouldn't be Chromeo. And for their third album, Pee Thug and Dave One are as campy and faithful to their roots as humanly (and robotically) possible. Coming off shows with Daryl Hall, after a guest spot on the blue-eyed soul singer's Web show Live from Daryl's House, the duo has tapped deeper into the intricacies of AM pop. Business Casual has the typically synth-suave electro-funk jams, like "Hot Mess" and "Night by Night," featuring Gemayel's talkbox mastery over strobe-lit four-on-the-floor beats that are right in step with "Tenderoni" and "Needy Girl." As the album progresses, though, Macklovitch and Gemayel dig deeper into crates for cheesy inspiration, and you can hear glimmers of Rockwell, Lionel Richie, Oran Juice, and even The Kids from Fame TV series. "The Right Type" seems custom-made for a montage, and the snappy "Grow Up" could be the theme from a sitcom. Elsewhere, Solange Knowles does her best Whitney/Mariah impression for "When the Night Falls," and "J'ai Claqué la Porte," with its Casio fills and fingerpicked acoustic, is sung entirely in French and features Dave One at his most smirkingly romantic. [The Deluxe Edition of Business Casual features several remixes of "Night by Night" and "Don't Turn the Lights On."

-Jason Lymangrover for AllMusic.com

The Tunes:
- Hot Mess(mp3)

- Don't Turn the Lights on(mp3)

Flight of the Conchords

 Flight of the Conchords

"...there are plenty of tracks here that require no memory-jogging to enjoy, from the crunk-tweaked "Sugalumps" (a clever inversion of "My Humps") to the trashy B-more club bounce of "Too Many Dicks (On the Dancefloor)" (see a theme emerging here?). In fact, quite a few of these cuts come dangerously close to seamlessly adapting to the, ahem, goof-less Hot 100 landscape, where both Trey Songz's excellent ode to sexting, "LOL :-)", and LMFAO's confoundingly idiotic "I'm in Miami Bitch" remain comfortably seated. It's no joke that there's real talent at work here...even the filler content-- "I'm the edge, I'm the chic, I'm the taste/ I'm larger than life with just a hint of lace"-- has enough bite to resonate with the shrewdest of Lady Gaga fans. Much like with the show, if the big idea keels over, you can expect a million little baby ideas to come spilling out, each one more charming than the last."

-Pitchfork excerpt

The Tunes:
- Hurt Feelings(mp3)
Hurt Feelings

- Sugalumps(mp3)
Fotc - Sugalumps
- Too many dics(mp3)
Too Many Dicks

Flight of the Conchords


"With the combination of their cynical irony - a constant black humour that so well defines the band - and the hard seriousness that are the fundaments of every song, Deathstars walk the fine line of sophisticated darkness with the always clear and present vibe of sex, guts and horrorish vogue. It is hellish hot stuff, but also entertaining, and somewhat frightening."

The Tunes:
- Night Electric Night(mp3)
Night Electric Night
-Blood Stains Blondes(mp3)
Blood Stains Blondes


The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Basic tracking at MetroSonic, Their album is getting lots of love from NME, The Guardian, and NPR. They brought amazing players and hunkered down on some tape for the foundation. Sounds great guys, congratulations.


'TPHB's Tardis of a debut encapsulates the nostalgic elements of ESG, ELO, Tom Tom Club, The Doors and Sly And The Family Stone, applies a gloss of New York cool and then re-packages it with
the modern production of the LCD soundsystem, CSS and Beck variety.
Forget the handclap, they'll take a standing ovation.'

'Musically diverse, incredibly melodic and dance-floor ready. It’s the kind of
album that gives cookie-cutter pop the trashing it deserves.'
– New York Post

The Phenomenal Handclap Band

 Grand Street

Recorded entirely at MetroSonic, Grand Street's debut album listed Top Ten on CMJ and is one of our studio's many successful projects!

The Tunes:
- Footprints (mp3)

- In the meantime (mp3)

- Manteca (mp3)

- The Strongest Love (mp3)

- Island of Fire (mp3)

- Revelstoke (mp3)

- Play What You Feel (mp3)


"A beautiful mix...flawlessly perpetrated musicianship...writing their

own material and showing a passion for an art form that will last...'Island of Fire' displays the flowing energy of this band...'Revelstoke' is a real masterpiece
highlighted by fierce playing and creative runs by Mignola, Wynne, and the
rest of the band...This is a truly remarkable piece of work...Sophisticated,
elegant and awesomely presented, this is one of the best jazz albums of the
year, by anybody's standards."

- Long Island Entertainment

Grand Street debut album

Neon Dynamite (formerly The Relyx)

"Jeff Buckley is alive. That's the only way I can explain what's going on with the release of The Relyx's EP, Strange Living. I mean, sure. It's a little more polished than Buckley's original work. Strange Living has the sound of a band that's been in hiding for a decade, working on putting together a really strong five-song album to reintroduce... err, introduce themselves to the world. They're bluesy at times, soulful at others, and have a ridiculously appealing sound to their music." - The Inept Owl

The Tunes:
- Baby I Gotta Go (mp3)
Relyx - Baby I

- Bird On Wire (mp3)
Relyx - Bird on

The Relyx

 Hank & Cupcakes

A project entirely recorded and mixed at Metrosonic. Congratulations, on a great release.
"…The distinctive edgy sound and overall attitude of this minimalist but successful duo is reminiscent of New York City’s energy and restlessness combined with bits of soulfulness and youthful spirit…”
The Deli Magazine - NYC, 7.6.09

“We have fallen head over heels for Pop/Electro band Hank and Cupcakes… Mixing pop, rock and electro they stir up the genre's to create a new hybrid of pure, intelligent music that get's you ready for a night out…”
Turn Up The Sound - NYC, 4.22.09

The Tunes:

- Beat (mp3)

- Stay (mp3)

Hank & Cupcakes

 Arun Ramamurthy

Another project entirely recorded, mixed, and mastered at Metrosonic. We had a blast working with you.
"Arun Ramamurthy is an exciting, young violinist who excels in several genres of music. Arun is equally at home whether he is playing a chaste Thodi raga in a temple concert before knowledgeable Carnatic music lovers, or at a trendy concert in midtown Manhattan trading solos with jazz guitarists. It was that initial training in western music that gave Arun his precise bowing and fingering techniques. Nagaraj & Manjunath, generally acknowledged as the foremost violinists in Carnatic music today, made a profound impression. Parallel to his career in Carnatic music, he's kept up his involvement in light and fusion music also."

The Tunes:
Gorcardhana Giridhara (mp3)

Marivere (mp3)

Arun Ramamurthy

Tschaka Tonge

"Why 'Kwanzaa oh Kwanzaa?' This celebration song was first written in 1978 for my 8-10 year old students at a community-based program. There I taught science and drumming. Being a dutiful teacher, I wrote 'Kwanzaa oh Kwanzaa' with the expressed purpose of giving these children and their families and infusion of Pan-African history and culture, so absent at home, in textbooks and in media at that time. My desire was to impart a strong foundation of cultural sensitivity, knowledge, service, and discipline. Charity that begins at home enriches the world. Happy Kwanzaa" -Tschaka Tonge

The Tunes:
- Kwanzaa (mp3)
tschakatonge - kwanzaa

- Kwanzaa Dub (mp3)
tschakatonge - kwanzaa dub

Tschaka Tonge

Ninja Sex Party

"The origins of Ninja Sex Party are so sacred and mysterious that even we are unclear on the details. What is known is that I am Jewish, and Ninja Brian is probably Irish or Chinese. We are a hot new musical comedy duo who are deeply loved by people all around the world probably.

We live as roommates in our NYC dojo (studio apartment) and frequently tour the countryside in our high-performance Ninjamobile (Brian's 1984 Dodge Tacoma).

The Tunes:
- Accept (mp3)
ninjasexparty - accept

- Taint Nothin (mp3)
ninjasexparty - taintnothin

Ninja Sex Party

Care Bears On Fire

"Sophie (lead vocals, guitarist, 13 years old), Izzy (drummer, 13 years old) and Jena (Bass, 15 years old) are Care Bears On Fire. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the young band have become favorites on the New York City club scene, winning over jaded hipsters of all ages with their authentic punk spirit and songs that capture the experience of being a kid with attitude and humor. The trio's debut single "Everybody Else" delivers their message with a blast of ferocious energy. The 8th Graders have already been featured in Spin Magazine, which enthused: "This trio are old-school classicists dressed up in Chuck Taylors." The band's guitarist Sophie was also featured in Converse's acclaimed "Three Chords" commercial, playing an acoustic version of "Everybody Else," featured on their forthcoming album. Care Bears on Fire are punk meets garage, straight out of a Brooklyn basement. As the song chorus goes: "Nanananananana, I don't want to be like everybody else!""

The Tunes:
- Everybody Else (mp3)

Care Bears on Fire

Arielle Feinman

"At 21, Arielle is in the process of recording her first original album and performing with her band throughout New York City and her hometown area of Rockland County. She is also a member of the Everywhere band, a new project that explores popular music through a jazz lens. In this setting, she takes the role of vocalist to a new level. Utilizing her technique to sing complex, harmonized lines, she transcends the role of the singer in the Jazz context. Since her arrival on the New York music scene, Arielle has been involved in many different projects, including recording with the Pop group Kind Monitor. Further, she has performed in many popular venues such as Joe's Pub, Sweet Rhythm, Galapagos Art Space, and Shrine. "

The Tunes:
- Certainly (mp3)
Arielle - Certainly

- Wild Eyes (mp3)
Arielle - Wild Eyes

Arielle Feinman


"HEIDI is a delightfully fresh Soul/Jazz singer/songwriter with a unique infectious voice unlike any other and has been likened to Minnie Ripperton, Rhiann Benson, Chante Moore and a female version of the Isley Brothers.
She envelops you with her warm organic vocals that resonate right to your very soul. Through her lyrics, she paints a journey that reflects a life that is honest, positive and poignant; reflecting matters that are close to her heart. Heidi has an infectious energy and natural rapport with the audience which is uplifting.

HEIDI's music is receiving airplay on regional and specialist radio in the UK, Europe and USA.
Following spending the summer in New York recording a true old school soul/jazz/pop album recorded the only way it should be…live...HEIDI has been working hard promoting the record in the UK the past few months and receiving support from DJs, fans and industry alike. "

The Tunes:
- No Pain (mp3)

- You Take Me (mp3)


Loor Ambient

"The journey of Loor Ambient (known as Leandro Ganzero) is a long one, full of nomadic twists and turns. A self discribed "fucking gypsy", Ganzero came to Miami from La Plata, Argentina in the late 90's in search of updating gear for his studio back home...somewhere along the line I forgot to purchase my return ticket. I took a road trip to New York City instead." And thus, Loor Ambient was born.

...Armed with his new gear, Leandro created the Massive Attack inspired "Overloaded" in 2005 and the cinematic inspired "Truth in a Minor Scale" in 2007. Finally settled in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with the very studio gear that brought Ganzero out to the United States, Leandro embarked on what would become his third full length, the eponymous "Loor Ambient"...

With placement on radio stations such as the globally acclaimed Astreaux World, Loor Ambient's music reaches fans of the electronic/ambient genre everywhere. Channeling diverse artists such as Lee "Scratch" Perry and 70's Kroutrock movement which spawned acts such as Harmonia, Loor Ambient brings a new dissonant twist to the Ambient genre. "Loor Ambient" can be found on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon and online stores everywhere.

The Tunes:
- Ashland (mp3)
loorambient - ashland

- Translucid (mp3)
loorambient - translucid

Loor Ambient

Jerry Fuentes

"Jerry Fuentes first picked up a guitar as a young boy with the intent of learning to play very fast. The maniacal intentions of that young child have turned into the subtle and well-thought muse of a young man. ...A Kid on 4th, is like reading entries from Fuentes' diary. Each song is a highly personal attempt to work through something in his own experience and in its own time in space. The results are personal, personable and highly accessible bits of emotive rock attached to killer hooks; songs that won't leave your head no matter how much aural interference you create. With placements in Apple stores and on MTV's The Real World, you'll be hearing a lot of Jerry Fuentes for the foreseeable future..." - Wiley's World,

The Tunes:
- Easy Fit (mp3)
jerry f - easy fit

- Father's Gun (mp3)
jerry f - father's gun

Jerry Fuentes

Hartley C. White

"The Album 'Under The Radar' is a concept album with 24 separate and connecting pieces. The concept is subjective as the listener decides. There are no musical rules here, no box, as each song structure is a pattern to itself, and yet a part of the whole. There are poems 'This is Not What You Expect', anthem songs, 'Under The Radar', 'No Pressure',Let The Music Rock', Instrumentals, 'It's Gone', love songs 'I Believe in You','So Much and More' 'Where Is Cynthia' and songs that take you out of yourself 'Ebony Spaces In The Heart', and just when you thought you figured it out, the next selection proves you wrong. Sylvie Walder appears as a special guest artist (acoutic piano) on 'Ebony Spaces In The Heart and The regular personnel features Vinny Giannettino on Lead Guitars and Fxs, Larry McDonald (a veteran sideman from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gil Scott Heron, Taj Mahal, Monty Alexander, among others) on Percussions and Hand Drums, Tom Smith(veteran New York session man) on Saxophones, Angelita Rodriguez-Finn on Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar and percussion, and me." - Wiley's World.

The Tunes:
- Bicycle Lady (mp3)
hcwhite - thebicyclelady

- Live Live Live (mp3)
hcwhite - livelivelive

- Under The Radar (mp3)
hcwhite - undertheradar

Hartley C. White

Heavy Creatures

"NYC's Heavy Creatures have developed their own special blend of organic rock reliant on viscous grooves and a sweeping ethereal spirit showcased on the quartet's latest eight-track excursion, The Cymbal and the Skull. There's an underlying darkness swirling through the Moog keyboards and Neil Young-esque fretwork that emits a kind of barren Midwestern farm night scene ..s like "Crimson Canyon," while the hypnotic shuffle of "Landing of the Fall" harkens back to the days of surf rock psychedelics as interpreted through the walls of a dank metropolitan rehearsal space. Meshing entrancing drone rock with a free love, make peace not war sensibility, the smoky vibes emanated by Heavy Creatures teeter on the brink of rock 'n' roll danger with a tribal swagger with an underscored riot grrrl grit leading the charge." -Perpetual Toxins

The Tunes:
- Family Tree (mp3)
01 Family Tree_01

- Nightwitches (mp3)
02 Nightwitches_01

- Cutlass (mp3)
03 Cutlass_01

Heavy Creatures


"Their is something inherently primitive about this album, as the often prominent synths seem to evoke feelings from deep within. Thoughts of cavemen dance parties are common, as the sonically stimulating themes fade in and out with tons of passion. It's almost as if Columboid aims to start a rave at some sort of creepy sacrificial ritual. And if that was their goal, I'd sure as hell be in attendance at such a warped affair....I look forward to more good thing's to come from the this Brooklyn duo."

The Tunes:
- Working Stiff (mp3)
columboid - workingstiff

- Statehoarders (mp3)
columboid - statehoarders


Archie Bang

"Music and the streets have been the two forces pulling me in opposite directions! From starting out as an intern at Rawkus records as a teenager and catching my first case soon after! I've written songs for major label artists and never got my just due! Living the street life cost me 6 years of my life in prison. Now I'm back and the game is a bit different noway around it this is my last chance at success! I'm Archiebang ride with me!!!"

The Tunes:
- Back In The Hood Again (mp3)

Archie Bang


"Auctioneers began establishing themselves in New York's smaller venues. Their energetic, often interactive stage performances began a buzz about the band, and by the next summer (2008) the band was headlining weekend nights at places like Pianos and Mercury Lounge. Later in the summer of 2008, the band parted way with Weitzman, and Donovan Pyle, an experienced and learned student of drums and percussion, was invited to join the band. Concurrently, brilliant piano/organ-player Ryan Alexander Gregg joined the band and the modern version of Auctioneers was cemented. As of late, Auctioneers has finished recording their debut album in Detroit with the help of close friend and producer Aaron Julison, an accomplished musician in his own right and bassist for the Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Kid Rock's backing band. The album is due out midsummer 2009."

The Tunes:
- All These Roads (mp3)


David McKinney

Over the last 21 months or so I've bounced around between San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and upstate New York, writing and re-writing songs, learning about the recording process, getting together a basic home studio, and gradually recording, editing, and refining the songs you hear on my debut album, let go & relax. I've spent the last 4 months taking an on-the-spot crash-course on how to self-release a record, and editing my first original video, "The Underpants Song." It feels great to be getting things out the door before the year is out; it's nice to be underway. The start of 2009 will bring the second semester of my crash-course, and I'll be making more time for writing, practice and performance; hopefully there will be time for a new video or two. I've never felt so on-task, and I look forward to a year of loving, relaxing, improving my music, and meeting a lot of cool people. I wish you the best year you've ever had. Welcome to my site, and thanks for listening. David Winter Solstice 2008

The Tunes:
- Susanna, Won't You Get On Board? (mp3)

David McKinney



The Tunes:
- Fire In Your Grave (mp3)


Alina Simone

In 2008, Simone released her Everyone is Crying Out to Me, Beware, which covers the music of Russian cult icon, Yanka Dyagileva, a Siberian punk-folk singer who drowned under mysterious circumstances in 1991. The album received widespread critical acclaim from major national and international outlets including The New Yorker, BBC's "The World," Billboard Magazine, Spin Magazine, New York Magazine, NPR, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Pitchfork among many others. Alina Simone was named one of the 'Top People of 2008' by USA Today's Pop Candy and listed in the 'Top 12 Bands to See' at SXSW 2008 by Billboard Magazine.

The Tunes:
- From Great Knowledge (mp3)
From Great Knowledge

- My Sadness Is Luminous (mp3)

Alina Simone


Just some good ol' country boys who decided to make the move to the big city. Spawned out of Indianapolis, H0L15T1C was formed as an immediate formidable force in hip-hop music. With sonic, in-your-face, head-knocking production, combined with the verbal prowess of five of the finest lyricists, H0L15T1C is hip-hop and beyond. Since they formed in 1999, they have performed hundreds of shows throughout the Midwest and New York City. H0L15T1C have performed with such artists as Wyclef Jean, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jurassic 5, Jeru The Damaja, and Fabolous. H0L15T1C is hip-hop rawkus for you and yours.

The Tunes:
- D'accord (mp3)


Jomai Ttu

Independent dance music producer. Jomai brings an attentive ear to the texture and layers of his music.

The Tunes:
- Tribal Disorder (mp3)


Brooklyn Hip-Hop that breathes. Nolo is truly a local artist.

The Tunes:
- What Is This? (mp3)


The Yes Way

From their new album Who's Better Than You, New track from Brooklyn-based indie rock four peice, The Yes Way. Recorded + mixed at MetroSonic by engineers Robby Baxter and Jon Martinez. Check it.

The Tunes:
- Handless (mp3)

The Yes Way


An oh-so-retro single by the Brooklyn band Phonograph. Tracked and mixed at MetroSonic.

The Tunes:
- American Music (mp3)
American Music


 Brooklyn Rhythm Masters (featuring Bliss Blood)

The Brooklyn Rhythm Masters album was recorded and mixed at MetroSonic by George Dugan & J.J. Jenkins.

The Tunes:
- Happy To Come Home To (mp3)
Happy To Come Home To

- The Man I Love (mp3)
The Man I Love

- 'Til There Was You (mp3)
'Til There Was You

Brooklyn Rhythm Masters

Cop City Chill Pillars

These dudes are truly a band playing towards the out world. Space helmets suggested, but not required.

The Tunes:
- Cop City (mp3)

Cop City Chill Pillars

 Shakerleg vs. Joey Murphy

The mighty subway drummer Shakerleg along with guitarist Joe Murphy and bassist Jason Hogue were recently at MetroSonic recording tracks for this fine release.

The Tunes:
- Standing Ovation (mp3)
Standing Ovation

- Bullfrog (mp3)

- Tornado Coke (mp3)
Tornado Coke

Shakerleg vs. Joey Murphy