Testimonials : Why record at MetroSonic? Just ask our clients…

“I’ve worked in a lot of studios in New York City and MetroSonic is my favorite.”

Rob Caggiano (Anthrax & The Damned Things)

Pete with Moby at MetroSonic Recording Studios NYC

Pete with Moby at MetroSonic Recording Studios NYC

“Everything sounds good to me”


“It’s (MetroSonic) a really nice studio and we’re grateful to them for housing us for so long.”


“HUGE thanks to MetroSonic from KANDYNYC & I for your hospitality. What a great workspace you have here; the creativity overfloweth.”

Tommie Sunshine

“Recording to tape at Metrosonic resulted in a deep, lush sound. It’s certainly not the cheapest way to record these days, but we all firmly believe that if you’re going to record something for posterity, it might as well be the highest quality possible.”

Peter Klarnet (Coffin Daggers bassist)

“The digital files are crystal clear and have a lot of oomph out of my computer speakers, enough that I can’t wait for the full experience on my turntable.”

Storm Surge of Reverb (Coffin Daggers album review)

“I can’t tell you enough how much we dig the tracks you recorded and mixed for us. They sound great….. Gorilla Chief couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

Ryan Miller (Gorilla Chief)

“WOW!! Pete it sounds just incredible you did a tremendous job on this, well worth waiting for! I love what you did with my vocal and the added instruments sound just great. Gordon sounds great and the choir is beautiful. Thank you for everything and for believing in my song.”

Michael Stosic (I Believe-Gospel Remix)

“I have no idea how you did it, but you managed to save the whole thing! We love the way it sounds…..it is totally awesome…..absolutely in love with your mix :).  Thank you for the great job, this is our best sound ever!”

Igor Belkin (Dropsydies)

“The mix you did was so great on every song. Having you do my album was absolutely the right choice!”

Michael Stosic

“It’s been pretty amazing….. Thanks (Pete) for an awesome job mixing the Aphonic EP “

Daniel Berg

“The mix is perfect, hands down (the analog tape mix) sounds f_ _ _ _ing fantastic over the digital version, really badass”

Edwin Quirk (Fractal Caravan)

“Gorgeous recording space here (at Metrosonic)”

The Lad Mags

“We love the album. It’s perfect”

Brad & Joelle (Aziza & the Cure)

“We all just wanted to thank you again for giving us time in MetroSonic. We had a blast, everyone there was super helpful and accommodating, and listening back, we couldn’t be happier with the recordings. It was a pleasure working with you guys and hopefully we will get the chance to do it again”

John, Jesse, Sydney, and Mike (Modern Merchant)

“Thanks for engineering a great sounding record Pete!”

Damian Pearce

“Great Guys, Great Studio”

Greg Speed Brown

“Thanks MetroSonic Studio! A great place for recording!”

Mijhay A. Palacios, producer

“Everything is sounding really good….. It’s really a great mix Pete.”

Dan (GRK Management), producer for Kalae All Day

“Thanks a million times for everything Pete. The sessions went great!”

Alina Simone

I can’t thank you enough for accommodating our last minute session for Chi (McBride). Now I’ve got a great Brooklyn facility in my back pocket.”

Liz Walker (ABC/Disney)

“Another great recording session with ‪@metrosonicNY‬. Thanks to Pete Mignola, and the Metrosonic crew!! Pete, you did a great job editing that 1/2-inch together.”

Matt McAlpin (Matte Black)

“The mix sounds great, thanks for everything Pete.”

Kate Mattison

“Sounds great.  I like the way you guys work. We’ll definitely be back.”

Tycho  (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)

Awesome man. I can’t stop listening to those tracks, they sound amazing.  We are extremely happy with the finished product.  Thank you for all your time and effort.

Kurt Borst (Midnight High)

Guys, the EP sounds amazing! Thanks again for all of your work. We had a blast.”

Nathan Lacy & Scott Laughlin (Neon Dynamite & The Relyx)

“Thanks, It’s awesome recording and working in Metrosonic!”

Wendy Nolivos

“Many thanks Pete….. The mastering sounds amazing back at home….. The tracks overall sound wonderful”

Marina Rosenfeld

“Thank you very much for your great work! It was very nice to meet you and experience your wonderful studio. I love the sound you captured of my playing with your RCA mic!”

Natalia Paruz, The Saw Lady

“Great studio & really nice guys @metrosonicNY”

Tasha Garcia

“Thank you so much for an amazing time at the studio and honestly, the recordings sound incredible.”

Eric Nizgretsky, Sins of the Loose Buttons

“I loved working at Metrosonic with Richard Fearless, it was awesome!”

Shahzad Ismaily

“Thanks for doing such a great job for us (Alana Amram). You really made us feel at home. Everything we recorded a MetroSonic sounds amazing.”

Mark Sebastian

“Great place, great team.”

Steve Easton

“I had such a great time! Great sounding rooms. Great vibe, extra friendly staff and coffee for everyone! At no time did I ever feel like I was imposing. Insane selection of vintage gear to track with. I felt like a king!”

Frank Perri

“MetroSonic is a REALLY cool room, has vibe and is run by a smart fellow/great engineer.”

Sean Eldon

“I really enjoyed recording with you guys.”

Tal More/TQR

“Thanks again for all your help. We had a really good experience at Metrosonic. You were really helpful and the studio was great.”

Tandon Manish

“Brother u did it!! The master brings me great happiness!! Thank u!!

Tschaka Tonge

“Thanks so much for everything to all of you, it was an amazing experience, again.”


“MetroSonic Recording Studio: great sound and realise! , at one a time in Brooklin, thank you with heart”

South World Impro Music

“Sounds great!”

Hank & Cupcakes

“We had a great time making our album “Fast Train to Memphis” at MetroSonic.”

The Bramblemen

“Pete—Thanks again for the mixes. We are delighted with them.”

Ben Juergens (DATS)

“MetroSonic was great, thanks.”

Mark Van Hoen

“Pete—Absolutely da dopest mix….. Nice take on it”

Ben Havick

“You have a real nice space there….. And the gear is killer.”

Steven Wallcot