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Event & Performance Venue @ MetroSonic

The Showroom @ MetroSonic is one of the most unique and most affordable spaces in Williamsburg Brooklyn to hold all types events. Whether it be for your band’s next live show, a private party, or a small wedding reception, The Showroom @ MetroSonic is your answer*!

In addition to the 800 Sq. Ft. loft space we have a selection of professional audio and lighting equipment that can rented  per request**.

**Prices may vary depending on data, size, and complexity of event.**

125 Person Capacity

RoeblingMetropolitan-004IMG_4745Live Acoustic SetLargePA

large P.A. System
Two 15″ x2 Bass Cabinets

Two 12″ Cabinets

Two high Mid Horns

Two Tweeters

Two Full Range Monitor Wedges

DJ Equipment

Two Technics SL-1200 Turntables
(Needles and Slip Mats NOT inlcuded)

Rabe TTM56 DJ mixer

Serato Scratch Live
(Control Vinyl NOT included)

Amp Rack


Crossover SX/35

Yamaha p2100

Bryston 4B

Crest Audio 4601

ART Audio S8 Mic Splitter

Small P.A. System
Two 8″ x2 JBL Cabinets

Lighting Equipment
Staging Spotlight

Slim Victor Large Can Spotlight

Four Chauvet SlimPar56 Round LEDS

Two Chauvet SlimBank  TRI-18 Rectangle LEDS

Eight Clamp Lights w/ Dimmers and  Gels

TAC Bullet Mixing Console

We also have microphones and backline available per request.