Friends, Associates & More Great Industry Links

Red Co. Audio

Custom metalwork

Audio Mastermind

a collection of wonderful audio links

Audio Recording Center

Looking to maximize your home studio? Find a recording studio? Get free recording software? Visit the Audio Recording Center.

ATR Services, Inc.

World leader in analog tape recorder technology to provide a defining difference in sound quality.

FREE Williamsburg

The first publication to cover the growing arts community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

An online news source and community bridging the New York City-area music, sound and recording industries.


Gene Mignola for custom woodwork on the Neve and the rack cabinets

Sarah Mignola for artwork

John Lance Harrison for lighting

Red Co Audio for custom metalwork fabrication on the Neve

ATR Service for parts and service for our Ampex recorders

Richard Alderson for custom speaker and acoustics consultation

Virgil Alderson for networking and computer support