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MetroSonic offers state-of- the-art online mixing and online mastering services, from basic stem summing & analog mastering to full multi-track analog mixing.

Wherever you are in the world, you can receive the same personalized attention and professional final cut as you would in-studio at an affordable cost. Online mixing and mastering is the perfect solution for artists who want the best sound at a great price – satisfaction guaranteed.

If you’re not happy with the finished product, we’re not happy. Our mixing and mastering pros will work with you to achieve exactly the sound you are looking for and stay on it until you are satisfied. If for any reason you are not happy with the first online mixing and mastering sample you receive, you pay nothing. It’s that simple.

MetroSonic’s Neve Console – All Analog Audio Mixing & Mastering Studio in Brooklyn NY

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MetroSonic offers a variety of online mixing and online mastering services to artists locally in Brooklyn as well as those from across the world.
All online mixing and mastering services include one free revision, and if you are not satisfied we will issue a refund – no hassles, no problems.
We call it the best online mixing and mastering deal in the industry! The pricing structure of our online mixing and mastering services are below:


Your stereo stems, unity gain summed through our classic Neve Console



($240 for 24 tracks)

Mix to Ampex 102 1/2″ Tape

 Add $20 plus the cost of the tape (around $110/reel).

*Price Includes 1 revision.

Each additional revision


Mixes are generally ready for review and revision within 5 days. Please contact MetroSonic for an estimate.


starting at $25/song


starting at $40/song

Discount package deals for EPs & full albums.

Physical CD Master Disks

$40 US

includes: 2 Redbook Master CDs Text / ISRC Encoding & UPC Code Tested, error checked & First Class Shipping included

DDP Image


Physical CD Master Disks AND The DDP Image


What You’ll Need to Provide for Your Mixing and Mastering Session

Below are some technical requirements for our online mixing and mastering services:

  • MetroSonic accepts clearly labeled .WAV or .AIFF files archived into a .zip file between 16 – 24bit / 41.1k – 96kHz resolution.
  • In addition to as much written instruction as possible, please include any rough mixes or reference tracks you may have. These don’t count towards your track count and will help our engineers better understand the sound you’re looking for.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot currently accept DAW session files (ie: ProTools, Logic, Garageband etc.)

Please also understand the following notes about our online mixing and mastering services:

  • Stereo files will be considered 2 tracks of audio.
  • Include only 1 instrument or sound per track (ie: no guitar tracks that become xylophone tracks later in the song)
  • Please Consolidate and export ALL tracks from the start of your song. They should each be the same duration, sample rate, and bit depth.
  • MIDI tracks must be printed as audio. We are unable to accept MIDI files.
  • It’s preferred that you provide “dry” unprocessed tracks for mixing (without Reverb, Compression, etc.), but should you have a certain effect you feel is an integral part of your song, you may provide the processed along with the dry unprocessed track (This does NOT count toward your total track count)
  • Allow ample headroom while printing your multi-tracks to avoid clipping and distortion, which cannot be removed during the mix process.
  • Extra charges may apply to songs longer than 5 minutes