Songwriting Tips from Musicians Friend

The processes of writing a song, as we all know can be a very tedious one. As some artists breeze through the process, others struggle from start to finish. Luckily, for those artists in particular, the good people at Musicians friend have took the time to take a unique look at not only the steps to songwriting but the freedom’s every songwriter has as well.

Collecting an assortment of tips and trick from group of musicians from all manner of musical stylings and backgrounds the article really gives you an inside look on what works in the music industry when it comes to getting started creatively, getting your song heard, and much more.

Among the very diverse group of artists was Metrosonic’s own Chief Engineer, Pete Mignola, who had this advice to give songwriters just getting started.

——”Allow yourself the time and headspace to create and be creative. Sometimes inspiration will come to you out of nowhere and sometimes you have ideas that require thought & development. In either case, you need to be ready to commit yourself to the process, & able to do it with minimal distractions.

Writing (and playing) music is technical as well as creative. Work on improving the skills that will give you the power to realize the ideas that come to you. Also, consider that time spent developing your “chops” can itself lead to the inspiration that points you toward composing your next song.”

Check out the rest of the very perceptive article, especially if your a beginning songwriter, by clicking the link.

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