A-Trak Brooklyn

A-Trak – Brooklyn living & working where “classic meets new”.

A-Trak is comfortable working at MetroSonic & living in Brooklyn, NYC.  He  just finished another round of writing & recording at the studio with musician Andrew Wyatt.  Like many of our clients, this talented DJ/producer is also a neighbor…….


A-Trak Brooklyn

A-Trak , client & neighbor

During this interview, A-Trak makes the point “what I stand for & what I do with my DJ’ing has come to symbolize a certain classic meets new“.  That is surely a sentiment we share and no doubt an ideal reflected in most everything here at MetroSonic.  I suspect that is part of why he likes coming back to our “classic meets new” studio.  It is easy to see Andrew Wyatt also shares A-Trak’s appreciation of classic gear & production techniques.  Much of their musical collaboration in the studio involves developing parts & melodies through playing & working off of each others’ ideas in what I would describe as a somewhat organic & traditional approach.  Not necessarily an approach you would anticipate from a DJ and an electronic-pop group (Mike Snow) vocalist.  Andrew’s choices for sound sources (Yamaha CP70, Fender Rhodes & Tele into my old Silvertone) also suggest a real appreciation for classic/vintage equipment.


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