In the Studio With Ariana Castelli

Today in the studio we were graced by the up and coming singer/songwriter Ariana Castelli, here to work on her next single.

Her first single “LOVE is LOVE”, which dropped in late 2013, spotlights the struggle of being the person you were born to be and being with the person you love. Using her lyrics as a way of inspiration, Castelli lends her voice to insure that you are not alone with your struggle and there are ways to overcome what you feel is breaking you down.

Ariana Castelli, who herself is a proud member of the gay community, has had her fair share of struggles. Having almost completely let go of her dreams of perusing her music career after revelations about Music Industry marketing tactics and going through personal situations with her family, her love for creating music was rejuvenated by her new manager.

Using her battles with not only discrimination but opposition she faced from wanting to empower others, Castelli assimilated inspiring lyrics into soon-to-become club anthems, creating music that is not only full of energy and infectious but also therapeutic in a way because of its very moving message. Castelli says,”If I could help someone be stronger or move someone through my music then my mission is complete!” Now understanding that she could use her talents to help others, Castelli is on a mission to make a name for herself  in the Pop/Dance world.

Make sure to check out Ariana Castelli’s break-out single “LOVE is LOVE” below!

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