The Hannlons Take Over MetroSonic To Begin Full Album Production

The Hannlons

The new age of Social Media has really changed the playing field for the way you can put out your new music, fund the production if it, or achieve a new fan base outside of your local area and The Hannlons are taking 100% full advantage of that.

Hailing from NYC the Rock and Blues band, The Hannlons, have took to a Social Media campaign to raise the funds for the production of their up-coming 5 song EP. Raising over the $2,500 they needed to record, mix, and master; they have decided to come to MetroSonic for their full album production!

Being a band with tremendous sound and a feel for live music, they have chose to utilize our large live room. As we here in MetroSonic know, comfort is sometimes the key to success for any artist and there’s no better or intimate setting for a band than our Live Room to begin basic tracking for their album, the first stages of their production.

The idea was easy: lets get the biggest sound out of the drums as we can! We set up our Vintage 1974 Ludwig Vistalite kit in the middle of the room to help get the enormous sound we we looking for (click here for video of the warm up). We used a mixture of vintage and modern microphones on the kit, miking the kick drum with the Beyer M88, snare with the Shure SM57 which has a special modification-telefunken capsule, toms with the Sennheiser 421, hi hat with AKG 414, overhead we used a Sony c37, and last but not least we miked the room with the Neumann SM2 Stereo Microphone in a mid-side configuration to guarantee we get the biggest sound possible. In this stage of recording we did basic guitar and bass set ups with the guitar amps isolated in our small live room and bass going direct into our board.

We’re really excited to continue working with this talented group of guys. In the mean time, check out The Hannlons on Facebook or Bandcamp and stay tuned for future updates!

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