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Surprise Performance by Mattison

Oh to the musician playing their tunes on the subway platform. At times they are somewhat frustrating and on other occasions  lending a soft sound to ease tension while getting off and on the horrible torture device known to New Yorkers as the subway. I have indefinitely passed hundreds, if not thousands, during my six year run in the city.

I always thought the band/ musician/ artist was there for one of two purposes. Purpose one is to get inside my thoughts by way of “Stand By Me” stuck in my head all day and the only other logical reason was obviously hitting me up for money on my way to work. Oops. I could have saved a lot of dirty looks and energy if I thought that one through.

Unbeknownst to me, there is a third (and I am guessing 4th, 5th, ect) purpose. The love of music, pure and simple. This life lesson was delivered by Kate and Angel of Mattison. Mattison is a soulful trio who recorded their Es at MetroSonic and are planning on pressing vinyl soon which isnt the norm these days making it (for lack of better word) so cool.

Last night on Valentine’s Day, two outta three band members played their songs down by the L train on Lorimar and Metropolitan… with their favorite journalist in tow. Just watching them while they played their instruments, a tiny preschool size keyboard which was missing two buttons and a percussion instrument  which was shook, the passion was more then evident. The pair literally just sat and sung weather or not the crowd was paying attention. It was definitely something worth experiencing.

And with that, you are in luck. Mattison is performing next Friday, 2/24 at Little Field in Brooklyn.

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