Metrosonic Large Live Room

MetroSonic Opens Live Recording Room!

Renovations on our new live recording space have been completed and the room is ready to rock! Your next session at Metrosonic now has the option of an extra 900 square feet of recording space, directly adjacent to our current control room.

With this new studio there is plenty of space to accommodate bigger projects. It is perfect for larger jazz ensembles, choruses, chamber ensembles or small orchestras, multi-instrumentalist rock groups, and bands with more equipment than members! If your goal is mastering that HUGE drum sound or big “wall of guitars,” our new recording room is the place for you.

MetroSonic’s new room is comfortable and spacious with large windows providing plenty of sunlight and skyline views. The high ceiling, wide-open space, and combination of varied surfaces (wood, brick, sheet rock, along with absorptive and diffusive acoustical treatments) yields a balanced, natural sounding acoustic environment. Together, the unique vibe and sound of our wonderful room will inspire your next great recording experience.

Our room is music video and photo shoot compatible for those wishing to document and promote their recording process. And the new studio space can also serve as the perfect place for your record release parties, all types of photo or video shoots, and exclusive promotional events.

Take a look at a few photos of our new space below—To view our full-page gallery, click here…

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