Holistic Technicolor


Holistic’s latest album Technicolor was another project entirely recorded and mixed at MetroSonic by engineer Jonathan Martinez.

Holistic Technicolor CD Cover

Released May 12th on Bungee Black,  this project was full of positive energy from the ground up and came together on many a late Brooklyn night, over dubbing vocals, beats and sfx.  Mixing with Holistic was a great process; as the group took charge of the production side of the show, Jon contributed a similar production style and Hip Hop ear, and rode the creative wave

The Holistic trio, originally from Indiana, have been acquainted since childhood.  Brothers Izzy, and Rad, and life time friend Iron Shiek immediately became part of the Metrosonic family.  Izzy and the crew brought nothing but positive vibes and determined work ethic, bringing together the final chapters of an excellent DIY Hip Hop story.

(l to r) Rad Nice, Izzy Inferno, and Iron Shiek

The boys are back in the studio this month working on their 2nd album titled Avant-Garde.  Stay tuned in as we follow the progress.

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