Brother Han street performance

Brother Han

Brother Han came into the studio ready for a long day of work for the new demo he recorded here at MetroSonic. Making sure everyone he brought in to preform on the tracks knew their role was his first goal of the day. Before we got started, the producer Amir Salem, drummer David Ashkenazy, and bassist John Lang spent time with Brother Han sitting in a circle,  strategically plotting out cues, accents, and little changes, making sure the parts and arrangement were right.  I overheard one of the musicians suggesting that they were deliberating for too long, but Han assured him that time is never wasted when doing things right.

Finally came time for Brother Han, David, and John to hit the live room and record. Everything recorded was done live with Han in the isolation booth with his acoustic guitar and David behind the drums, with John right beside him on the bass. The sound was incredible; the talent of David and John flowed very well with the soft and sleek sound of Brother Han’s voice, accompanied by his beautiful acoustic folk guitar skills.

If you would like to hear Brother Han for yourself, check him out when he plays the Affaire restaurant and nightclub coming up March 25th.

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