Nick low-beer tracking

Producer Nick Low-Beer building new tracks

  The last time our friend, DJ/producer Nick Low-Beer was here he was lending a hand manning the turntables for our party.  This time around we find him building beats for some of the new tracks he is producing.   Our in studio video of Nick offers a behind the scenes look at him creating […]

Our custom 5 way Quad amped Speakers

Our five way quad amped speakers are powered with McIntosh and Bryston amplification and Bryston crossovers, and include the highest quality Scan-Speak, Vifa and Eaton components.  These mastering quality monitors are custom designed and built by Pete, featuring physical phase alignment and a flat frequency response from 20hz to 20khz.

Actor ChimcBride as the voice of NIck Fury in Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man

Chi McBride and Spider-Man at MetroSonic

MetroSonic is proud to be recording with the very talented Chi Mcbride .  You might know Mr. Mcbride from his work on Fox’s “Human Target” or his role as Joe Mulroy in the 2004 film “The Terminal.”   Chi is recording voice-overs for the Disney animated series Ultimate Spider Man in which he stars as Nick Fury.  

Matte Black

Pre-Mastering for Matte Black

After days of clean up, repairs and postponements from the storm, we are happy to return to some kind of a semi-normal routine. We’re now in the home stretch with Matte Black’s album project; editing & sequencing the reels for our final listening session before we send them off for vinyl mastering.

Manuel Valera and Engineer Joe Barbaria

“Cuban pianist, bandleader, composer and arranger, Manuel Valera is in the forefront of contemporary modern jazz. He represents the next generation of great performers and composers. His sound is fresh, inviting and evocative, and his goal is to forge innovative sounds that bring a vitality and newness to the idioms of jazz and Latin jazz. […]